The BS Brace for ingrown toenails

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2020/11/02 The BS Brace for ingrown toenails

the BS Brace is Quick, Painless Alternative Treatment for Ingrown Toenail!


If you have an ingrown toenail and are looking for a painless and speedy solution, the BS Brace could be the answer for you!



What is The BS Brace?

The BS Brace is made from a transparent fiberglass that is very thin, comfortable and unnoticeable from a distance.
The BS Brace is a simple, painless and effective alternative to toenail surgery that has been used successfully all over the world for the last 30 years.


How does it works?

It’s simple process, just apply the BS Brace across the surface of the nail.
The BS Brace acts like a spring with both ends pulling the nail plate from the corresponding nail groove according to a classic principle: less flexure less strength, while more flexure more strength.



Here’s a more detailed process when doing the BS Brace treatment in SOLMANI.

1.Smooth the nail a little using a buffering-bit to remove any natural oils and shine from nail surface prevent it from being peel off



2.Measure the size of the nail from lateral edge to lateral edge to choose correct size of the BS Brace



3.Apply OPI bonder and activator on the surface of the nail and leave it for drying


4.Apply the BS Brace to the surface of the nail using adhesive and dry it with an activator



5.Remove rough edges of the BS Brace with a diamond-bit



6.Apply the adhesive over the BS Brace to re-seal and more smoother and dry it thoroughly a few minutes and it’s done!



If you want apply nail polish or need to trim your cuticle, of course we can do that after application of the the BS Brace!



How long does it take to fix my ingrown toenail?


Depending on the patient’s conditions, more than one application may be required as a general treatment plan.
As the affected nail grows, the brace will be carried further towards the edge of the nail, thus moving the BS Brace from its original position, rendering it less effective.
Depending on this, 1-4 applications might be needed every 4 weeks before the issue is resolved completely.
This 1-4 applications time frame changes on a case by case basis for different conditions.



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